Mountain Jack’s at Your Service

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  • Accommodations: In-house private rooms available with seating up to 80 or catering service available.
  • Menu Options: Customize your menu with up to 4 entrée options which will be printed & placed tabletop for your guests.
  • General Information: Call ahead for assistance in planning your event. Consultations are complimentary & pre-scheduling is recommended.
  • Pricing: Standard service menu items begin at $16.99/entrée, inclusive of fresh plated garden salad with choice of dressing, oven warm bread with honey cinnamon butter, selected entrée, accompanying side dish, & choice of coffee, iced tea, or soda. All entrée prices DO NOT include 7% sales tax and 18% gratuity.
    If you are working within a budget, we will assist with options.
  • Extra Fees:
    • All other beverages other than the above mentioned will be charged as ordered.
    • Several bar options are available to help you manage your budget please consult with our management team.
    • Private Room Charges
      • Front Room $110-$220
      • Fireplace Room $125-$250
      • Main Banquet Room $150-$300
    • Tabletop linens $75-$125
    • Cake Service $20-$30
    • Audio Visual Projector $75-$90 
  • Other Information: With the exception of confetti, your personal touches are welcomed. We will honor floor plan requests and accommodate special needs. Children under 12 have appropriate menus.
  • Reservations for over 10 guests are on 1 check. **Confirmed guest counts must be given 48 hours prior to reservation, with 18% gratuity calculated by confirmed count given**.
  • Appropriate fees for consumables brought in house.